NUC10i7 running ROCK snaps and pops

Roon Core Machine

NUC10i7FNHN1 16GB Ram 500 G Samsung Pro980 SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear router, NUC wired to switch, Endpoint= Bluenode wireless over network

Connected Audio Devices

Local files= USB SSD, Tidal

Number of Tracks in Library

120,000+ tracks

Description of Issue

Migrated from windows core with HDD to NUC/ ROCK on SSD. Now all local tracks and streaming service (Tidal) have pops and crackles. I tried moving NUC to a different location and power outlet but no help. NUC is connected via wired network with storage being a 2TB SSD connected USB. Roon is controlled through Bluenode via wifi. Tried downloading a sample track from 2L to check if my new external SSD was corrupted but, no. Tried same track via local file and through Tidal via Roon and same problem. Gets worse the longer the track plays. Should I disable wifi on the NUC since it’s on a wired network? Any other ideas? Rock is version 1.8.

I can’t bring it to hand right now but I do remember reading something not too long ago with regards to having WiFi enabled when using Ethernet connection.
I don’t think it can hurt to disable the WiFi anyway.

I’d unplug the node wait a few minutes and plug back in.
The crackling may wel be the node rather than the core.
If you play to your control device phone or tablet does it crackle then?

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There are a number of posts of other users having the same problem with the Node.
Bizarrely the solution was to delete the local library on the Node. I never had the issue when I had a PowerNode but I also never set up a local library.

If you do a Roon search you should come across a couple of article’s that walk through this issue.

I think I found the issue. I did more searching last night here and found a similar thread. The solution for the static was the USB connection between the DAC and Bluenode while running ROON. Very weird. I changed the connection to optical and coaxial and both worked fine with ROON running the local files as well as streaming Tidal. The bummer is that the USB was by far the better sounding connection. The USB connection works perfect and will be my preferred connection while streaming AmazonHD or Tidal through the Bluenode. Local files on ROON will have to go through the optical or coax. I have no idea why this would be, but hopefully an update to the Bluenode or from ROON will fix this problem so I can just use the USB as my only connection.
Roon is a great service and with the number of albums and tracks I have, is by far the best way to enjoy them.
I would love to know if anyone else knows why the USB / ROON/ Bluenode/ DAC thing is an issue or how to fix it, please let me know.

What type of USB cable are you using?
A fancy boutique one or?
And do you have a different cable just to try?

I did try two different USB cables. One is a Monoprice and the other is an Audioquest Cinnamon. I actually prefer the $3 Monoprice, open and not as boomy on the bottom. These cables with their different sound signature blew me away and made me change my mind about cables in general.
Both cables exhibited the crackling issue.

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Ok well it was worth trying but certainly an interesting comment on which cable was preferable to you.
Hopefully Bluesound will figure it out soon.

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