NUC11 is a roon target terminal, right?

Roon Core Machine


Since QNAP doesn’t work well, I decided to install rock on NUC11TNHi3, which has become a recommended terminal.
However, I followed the steps in the help and it didn’t work.
What doesn’t work is that when I install rock, my NUC11 says “No bootable device detected”.
Of course, the USB already has an image of the lock.

My guess is that there is a problem with your BIOS settings, possibly related to legacy boot.
Meanwhile, roon added NUC11 to their recommended devices.

So I would like some advice on the BIOS settings for the NUC11.

Was self resolved. It turned out that the image creation failed due to Windows 11 ironclad defenses. Therefore, the NUC11 can be fitted with a lock.

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