I’d like to know if I can use NUC7i5DNKE with ROCK?

I read on the KB
“The models we support are:

So I assume this would include NUC7i5DNKE, (despite having 4 letters after NUC7i5XXXX).

However I cant see any reference to anyone ever having used this one. Would it work OK? Anything I should be aware of, apart from the fact that it doesn’t support an internal Internal 2.5 SATA which doesn’t concern me. Thanks. WA

Having done a bit more research, I found that this is one of the NUC family, Intel call “formerly Dawson Canyon” see:

I also notice also that @Danny Dulai had successfully tested another of this series a couple of weeks ago; the NUC7i7DNH see: New Dawson Canyon NUCS supported? Other fan-less NUCS support? [yes on Dawson Canyon]

So although not a guarantee that it will work. It gives me hope. The NUC7i5DNKE can be found at low prices and will also fit nicely in the Akasa fanless case.

Anybody have any comments on this?

This should work fine. I bought one of the bigger cases (NUC7i5BNH) and then later on an Akasa fanless case (Akasa Newton S7). The motherboards are the same.

I’m hoping it will work, but my reason for asking is that the motherboards of DNK & BNH have quite a few differences. for example DNK has 2 HDMI ports, no microSDXC card slot ETC…

You are right I just had a quick look before and did not notice these differences. the S7 case won’t work here but I think Akasa offers a compatible case for this. As for ROCK, the CPU and the rest is the same so it should work.

This Akasa case will work

Thanks for that, its good that the Newton S7D fits.

Regarding the CPUs. They are also different:
DNKE uses 7300U
BNH uses 7260U

Well both are Kaby Lake the 7300U has 2.6GHz vs. the 2.2GHz of the 7300U. I am pretty sure it works, since the rest seems to be very similar.

I found a pretty extensive list here.

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Great. Thanks. Nice link. I hadn’t seen that page. I’m going to buy and will let you know how I get on.

After seeing Danny’s initial test report New Dawson Canyon NUCS supported? Other fan-less NUCS support? [yes on Dawson Canyon]
I purchased a NUC7i7DNHE (the i7 Dawson Canyon NUC) and have been using it with ROCK for the past few weeks with great success. I hope ROON will add this NUC to their “approved” list on the website once final testing is completed.

I have the NUC connected directly to my Orbi wi-fi router and use an OPPO UDP 205 for my main system playback. I do not use HDMI audio out, so I can’t speak to that.

It has incredibly fast and reliable response and streams TIDAL beautifully. It is also working extremely well through wi-fi with Windows PCs, iPad, and iPhones. Bluetooth through an iPhone is a great workaround for products like my Como Amico that does not yet have ROON ready capability.

I have the NUC set to Intel’s “quiet” fan settings, it’s placed about three feet from my desk, and I never hear the fan when using it in my office. I believe the newer generation i7 chip might contribute to why the fans don’t have to run as fast or frequently.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of purchasing a NUC7i7DNH.


For i7, get the newer NUC7i7DNHE.
For i5, get the older NUC7i5BNH.

It seems that Dawson Canyon NUC7i5DNHE is more expensive and has a marginally faster (but cheaper) CPU with a smaller cache. Unless I get the facts wrong, the older and cheaper NUC7i5BNH (with a more expensive CPU) is probably a better purchase.

i built up Rock on a NUC7i7DNH too, and can confirm Marks impressions completely.
The fan in quiet mode is very silent and i do not need a fanless case for the NUC
The quad CPU runs at just 1,9MHz and uses turbo boost if needed. So sitting beside the NUC with Rock running (and playing) it is not disturbing.
and roon reacts very fast :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice.

Just a quick update. I went ahead & bought the NUC7i5DNKE today as I was offered it for a bargain price NUC+8GB+120GB SSD. Installed and running fine as expected. Happy Chap! Bit early to report on performance. But it seems very snappy even though it is still analysing my library. Also I’m a first time user so still in the learning zone…
Thanks Will

Hopefully this model along with all the other Dawson Canyon models will be added to the Roon supported list. So I know it will continue working as nicely as it is now! :slightly_smiling_face:

It will. We really like the NUC7iXDNX

Thanks very much for the confirmation Danny

Great news that you’re planning to support NUC7iXDNX variants. I like it too.

It’s working great and also very quietly. With my current setup, I see no need for a fanless case and will probably keep it remote from my audio equipment in another room anyway, since I’m not connecting directly, just over the network. This removes possibility of fan noise, conducted electrical noise and RFI noise. But if others were to require a fanless case the Akasa Newton S7D fits the bill,

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