NUC7i7BNH Stuck ! [resolved: bad hardware]

This is some testing time for me. After Long wait for my NUC, i set myself to install ROCK but HDMI output is not feeding anything to my monitor nor to my TV.

I connected Flash drive with Bio, Keyboard, HDMI cable, ETH Cable all set. I power On PRESS F7 and NOTHING on my monitor (says no signal on HDMI cable). I shifted the stuff towards TV and then tried there too. Nothing on my TV.

I modified my Apple TV HDMI cable to the one supplied with TV, i also shifted to HDMI-VGA dongle to Monitor - Nothing.

Any tips ? or NUC is all set to be replaced?

I think it’s f1 or f2 to load the bios but I would double check that…sounds like either bum hdmi cable, did you select the right tv input? Any lights on the NUC? I think there is maybe a flashing code…and I assume you have the right dac adapter plugged in too

Could be bum memory too

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I thought there was no video output from ROCK on NUC via HDMI - i.e. web interface only?

I don’t think Jnan has got past setting the bios update and changes yet…hope it’s not a doa hardware issue

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Ah yes, I see

That’s correct blue light on NUC is working.
Three working cable used with no success.
Currently I’m listening to some Nice Jazz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Given up on NUC I will try my luck once again. I have already raised NUC replace ticket.

I will give it one more shot with this. I was trying f7. Before i remove the M.2 and RAM for sending it back, will give is one more try.

There’s clearly something wrong - you should be seeing the NUC splash screen on your monitor/TV even without hitting any keys. What happens if you remove one of the 4GB RAM cards at a time, to try and see if it’s one of the RAM cards that has gone bad?

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No use. Its No HDMI Cable message at my monitor. The cable is my active Apple TV which after replacement, it does works.

I can hear the light fan noise. Blue light in the front blinks if i press F7 or F1 (tried F2 too).

basically there is no display.

It’s blinking? Then this is almost certainly trying to tell you something. see here:

it is indeed blinking in 3 consecutive pattern indicating Memory defective section. I tried all 2x2 combinations. one by one into different slots - No Luck :slight_smile:

Hmm, to have one memory card defective is perhaps not unusual, but both is certainly rare. They are the recommended memory cards?


Not saying it’s a the same issue but tv’s or other things in the chain could cause issues too

Paul - not sure this Intel Community thread is relevant; Jnan can’t see anything on his monitor. His NUC is saying there’s a memory problem…

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I just scrolled back and saw that, I had mentioned to look for some flashing error sequence prior but didn’t see that reply :blush: hope you didn’t leave the screws under the long ssd card

Jnan is it the correct speed ram?

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Yes I missed the details … Long screw is in place and secured. will check once again.

Correct Speed Ram meaning?
I have picked up recommended by Intel - “Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR4-2133 SODIMM NUC Memory”

I think mine is sodimm ddr-4 2133MHz, but I’ll go check

Guess thats it!

I will order the new memories set and give it a shot. these needs to be returned … maybe. I have already raised NUC return, Lets see how that goes.

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