NUC8i3BEH Bios Question

Hi all,

I have a quick question on the NUC8i7BEH and ROCK which I’m about to install. Everything seems pretty straightforward, but I’m about to download the BIOS update from the intel page, and there are four options as follows:

  • Express BIOS update [BECFL357.86A.0073.EB.msi] - Self-extracting Windows*-based update file, designed to be used on Windows systems.

  • Recovery BIOS update [] - A .BIO file to be used for F7 BIOS Update method or a BIOS recovery process. In the unlikely event that a BIOS update is interrupted, it is possible the BIOS may be left in an unusable state. Use the recovery BIOS update to recover from this condition. It requires a USB flash device or CD.

  • iflash BIOS update [] - A DOS-based utility to update the BIOS regardless of operating system. It requires a USB flash device or CD.

  • UEFI BIOS update [] - Allows updating of the BIOS from the EFI shell. It requires a USB flash device.

I assume it’s the iflash BIOS update that I want (option 3), and I should unzip it before putting it onto the USB, but can anyone confirm that I’m correct. I’m pretty comfortable with everything else in the process, but I’ve never done anything with BIOS before and am nervous.

Thanks so much for any help, and apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I did look, but couldn’t find a similar question.



You want to .bio file. This is noted in the KB instructions.

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This one. Copy it to a usb stick and press F7 on boot… select to update.

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Amazing, thanks so much. I was worried that once I’d unzipped option 3 there would also be a .bio file there which would confuse matters. Thanks for the quick reply and the help.

Thanks so much, I appreciate the help and the quick response.