NUC8i5 or better something else (AMD "NUC")

I´m currently running my Roon on a Qnap 453mini. It´s very slow and not really snappy. Since that´s also true for Plex, I decided I will go for an update. First I thought of buying a new NAS to have eerything on one machine. But the more powerful Nas are way too expensive. So plan B was to setup Plex and Roon on a Nuc 8i5BEH.
My question:
Do you think it´s worth waiting for the new Nuc10 (?) or maybe better go for a A300 AMD setup?

What would you recommend ? Is there an advantage in e.g. transcoding to go for either of these?

Is a i5 sufficient or better an i7?

Thanks! I appreciate any input you can deliver :slight_smile:

Start with the OS you are going to use? Windows or Linux? If Linux, research to make sure that it will have all the necessary drivers for the NUC generations you are interested in using. Or, go Windows.

Given that you want to use multiple programs, I’d go with faster processor and more RAM. AMD or Intel, up to you. Compare and contrast. Intel NUCs use mobile CPUs, so, if you go with an A300 mini-itx based system and can use a desktop CPU then even better.

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Thanks. I will go with windows since I’m not used to Linux. Do you know if there is a difference in the amd vs Intel setup when it comes to transcoding? Or is it really just the decision which brand I like more.

Argh… Or should I go for a ts 473 from qnap?

Remember Roon’s suggested baseline is an i3 cpu.

But isn’t the ts 473 the qnap device they recommend? I think it has an amd cpu.

I think it’s a tough decision. Nuc VS. Nas. Maybe I wait for January to pass. I heard there could be some news around qnap and maybe some more info about the nuc 10.

I will now most probably go for a nuc. Do you have any recommendations for a dust insensitive device? Or just go with the nuc8i5beh?