NUC8I7BEH installed SS970 M2 drive and installed ROCK, but it will not boot

Roon Core Machine

NUC8I7BEH 16g ram Critical 2 8g new modules +new Samsung 970 EVO Plus 256gig M2 SSD. 6TB external GDrive with its own power supply. USB 3.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Direct connect wired to Amplifi Alien router

Connected Audio Devices

Using Win 10 PC with RoonBridge connected to a Denafrips Pontus 2 DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

49000 Tracks

Description of Issue

So the problem in a nutshell…

  • Updated the BIOS on NUC to latest 0090. * Configured the BIOS Legacy.

  • Booted from a USB drive with Roon Rock with Etcher installed it.

  • Booted fine installed ROCK onto the SSD fine, ROCK found the drive no problem installed it all went fine it seemed.

  • Pulled the USB drive and on reboot it said install proper boot device…

  • F2 back into BIOS showed the M2 drive as 1st boot device.… advanced show M2 drive just fine all looked good…secure boot off Legacy boot on only USB boot checked…

  • Re-downloaded the ROCK from your site and redid the USB boot drive and reinstalled again exact same problem…

  • Boot activity light on NUC showed activity as ROCK was loaded So I tried loading a Linux distro call Zorin 16 on M2 drive and again found drive and loaded software but again would not boot to that either…s ame issue.

  • Pulled the M2 drive out and installed a std 256GB SSD Intel Blue I had laying around followed the same procedure and it booted up fine and is up and running no issues at all… looks to be some kind of settings issue with the M2 drive but the BIOS etc found the drive no issue and the software loaded to it fine too just no boot… what do you think?

I would try another M2 drive but I don’t have one at hand. F10 into boot showed the M2 drive only there as well. Everything looked fine and correct but it just would not boot from the drive but would read and download to it.

This was recently posted and might help you possibly?

I was able to resolve this issue. I used the 3 sec restore to go back to Bios BE0089 and this allowed ROON to boot from the M2 SSD and I loaded it on and restored my core from a backup and all is well. Do not update the BIOS to BE0090 on the NUC8 devices if you plan to use Roon Rock and plan to use a M2 SSD. It did work with a std SSD but not the M2 drive.

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