NUC8I7BEH - Will this unit work for Roon Core?

I want to be sure this item >

will this exact unit work if I install Roon core on it? I don’t want to have to assemble anything and want to be able to hook it up once I get it.


Hi @jimmy_stabler,

It looks like this NUC comes with Windows installed by default, so you’ll be able to install Roon on it like you would any other Windows device.

If you’re wanting to install ROCK on it, you’ll want to check out the instructions here:

Ok and does it have everything it needs to run Roon successfully? Ive got about 15k tracks,

or a little over 1k albums

I would mainly do this to provide stability. I am getting tidal drop outs with MQA. I did change the DNS server yesterday and it appeared to help, but not 100% sure.

Hang on - your post title says you’re considering the NUC8i7BEH, but the link in your post is for a NUC8i3BEK - in other words, instead of the taller NUC enclosure (that can hold a HDD or SSD for your local music) with an Intel Core i7, your link is for the slimline enclosure (that cannot have an additional drive installed), and which has a Core i3 CPU.

Which version are you considering?

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I would consider either as long as I don’t have to add anything.

If you are going to use the NUC with ROCK, then you can use the Nucleus and Nucleus+ specs as a point of comparison. The Nucleus has a Core i3, and the Nucleus+ has a Core i7.

Your current library of 1k albums would be easily handled by either - but think about how large it might grow to over a few years (streamed albums added to the library also count).

How many zones do you envisage, and will you be doing lots of DSP?

Your answers to these questions should help you decide…

I’d try and buy a version without windows if you are going to use rock as you are paying for a license you will throw away.

I don’t do any DSP, but trying to stop all the damn drop outs with Tidal. I have at least 2 Zones for now.

I’m not going to use ROCK.

Before investing in a NUC, perhaps it might be worth investigating the cause of the dropouts. Why do you think they are related to your current Core, rather than your network setup?

because my Roon Core on on my IMAC is on wifi and I do other things on my IMAC.

So the plan is to move to a new machine that you can put it somewhere and attach via ethernet cable?

Yup- I read that often if one is using wifi and there is drop outs…move the core to wired ethernet. I am not able to move the IMAC to a wired port.

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Network is more often than not the problem. The i3 will be fine as long as you aren’t running loads of zones and dsd upsampling.

I’m having more drop outs than I ever have since I hooked up this Lumin T2.

Who knows, maybe it’s the Lumin.

The lumin is just an end point it’s receiving not affecting.

Yea, so I’m having drop outs almost every song now when playing Tidal. Something has changed and I’m not sure what.

I’m having major dropouts- Any help?

The first thing Dylan will want to know are the details of your current Roon and network set up, and you should post it in the Support category of the forum, not here in the Roon Software category…