NUC9 ROCK installation issue/update

Since my previous post (Why NUC9 series are not yet supported for ROCK) closed automatically, I just wanted to update that NUC9 series must require UEFI boot and legacy boot is not supported. Hope Roon comes with UEFI boot.


Roon have said they planned this in for Rock 2.0, but I have a NUC 10 and that supports UEFI boot but it is effort to turn it on.
Have a look at this thread Bios update necessary? - #6 by Julian_Green

Hi, thanks for the response. I did read the forums discussion here and also Intel community on bios. I did try multiple options including updating bios. Unfortunately in NUC9 version I am unable to get option modern standby or Sleep Type Support option. Which is not at all available. I did read in intel forums that NUC9 BIOS has no CSM to support Legacy modes. I have raised this with Intel support team and waiting for thier official confirmation.

Just found official link confirms Legacy Bios support is not available for NUC9 models other some other new models

Soma sorry to hear that.
I’m assuming you are stuck with Window’s or a Linux distribution in that case. I am guessing Rock 2.0 won’t be here until next year