Nucelus+ Disappeared from Network and No Video Feed

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Nucleus Plus

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Ruckus Managed Switch

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PS Audio DirectStream DAC
McIntosh C53 Pre Amp

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Description of Issue

After running an update this afternoon, my Nucleus+ disappeared completely from the network. Couldnt see the core from Macbook pro app or Iphone app. I shut down the Nucleus+ and powered it back up and the Nucleus is starting up. The LAN LED is orange on the left corner and green blinking on the right corner. However, with HDMI cable connected, nothing displays at all on the screen on the monitor.

Also, I use Eero router and Fing and both do not shown the device on the network despite the lights on the LAN port showing it is connected.

On the App Nucleus is not found. The Roon App is searching for the Roon Core…

Looks like there is a similar issue to mine where the board went bad. I bought this less than 2 years ago direct from Roon. What do i need to do to get this fixed?


I had the same problem with today’s update. I tried a lot of things. Strangely, reinstalling the Roon client software on my PC seems to have been the cure. I can’t explain it.

Hi @Dave_Wallace,

Unfortunately, no video via HDMI means the board on the Nucleus went bad. I will send you a private message to resolve this with you.


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