Nucleus+ & 2HDDs

I have a single HDD attached to my Nucleus+ which is in the OS format that will not allow me to add additional music. Since the present HDD has over 60K tracks I do not want to reformat the disc to NTFS and lose all my tracks and have to re-install the music again. My solution is to add a second HDD to the Nucleus+ but this one in the NTFS format. My question is does having two HDDs attached to the Nucleus+ each with a different format pose any problems. I also assume that Windows Explorer will see both drives allowing me to select the NTFS drive so I can copy new music albums to that drive thus allowing the contents of both to be seen by the server. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

I have used multiple drives with different file systems in Roon without any issue. I would be surprised if the Nucleus had a problem, but haven’t any practical experience. The main thing would be to make and store a backup of the music files so that you can revert from any configuration that is problematic.

Thank you for your help

via usb? no issues with this.