Nucleus + added SSD -- And Editing

I’m fairly new to the whole Roon experience and loving it.

I have a Nucleus which is working very well. However, I’m left mystified by the method of editing content that has already been loaded on the added SSD within the Data/Storage/InternalStorage directory.

I have a few ripped CDs that have Track Titles like “Track 1”, “Track 2”, etc. and I thought it a simple matter of renaming them via standard file-system renaming, however, this doesn’t seem to be identified in Roon and the Album tracks continue to display as “Track 1” etc.

How do I get Nucleus and the OS to rescan and update the internal database with new titles?


Your files may not be tagged adequately for Roon to recognize them, some editing may be required with an external program.

Have a look here:

Thanks Mike,

I’d read that Best Practice documentation (both before and after your post). It is a bit confusing for my situation – and mostly doesn’t seem to apply to what I want to do.

As one example, I have a CD that neither my ripper software nor Roon could identify at all. When I originally scanned the multi-disc set ripped them as separate CDs and when added to the Nucleus storage disk appeared as multiple albums – with all the Track file titles missing in the Roon database appearing as “Track 1” etc. I played with my preferences to try and get Roon to recognize the titles of the Tracks – to no avail and I opened this thread.

Having the 6 separate CDs is also not what I wanted – so I thought I’d just move the files around (into one Album and change all the titles in a fashion similar to what I’d seen in other sets.

01-01 Ray Bradbury - The Sound Of Thunder 1.flac
01-02 Ray Bradbury - The Sound Of Thunder 2.flac
01-03 Ray Bradbury - The Sound Of Thunder 3.flac

06-09 Ray Bradbury - The Ravine 1.flac

After doing that – in my collection on Roon it turned into 2 CDs and neither CDs show enough tracks (only 22 instead of the 115 tracks it should be).

To attempt a rescan, I moved the Album directory completely out of the Nucleus and the 2 Albums disappeared from the collection (I thought I was going in the right direction at that point).

However, when I drag the ONE Album directory back into the Nucleus storage – my two truncated (and still “Track 1”, etc Albums reappear (obviously never really cleared from the database).

Here is the details of one of the tracks:

Track 4
Bradbury Thirteen - Ray Bradbury

File Info
Local FLAC 44.1kHz 2ch 16bit

Added Modified Created
12 Sep 7 Sep 7 Sep

As I see no way to delete this Album (or traces of the old Albums) from the database – how do I get out of this predicament?

I’ve solved the issue.

I noticed that what I thought were just two Albums (out of the 6 making up the sets) that actually the second album was actually a multi-disk set 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 … and the other Album was the 3rd (I couldn’t tell that by titles alone because they were all “Track 1” etc).

Solving the issue then – was merging the two Albums together and then getting the Disc order in the right sequence.

The only UGLY thing is that I have to manually rename the Track titles AGAIN because there seems no way to get Roon OS to recognize the file title as the track title properly. For me it isn’t that big of a job – maybe 12 Album collections.

Unidentifiable tracks and albums are the bane of any user regardless of the ripping efforts. perhaps emailing the production team of the album label to get this listed in the main databases would help the next poor soul who has the same issue.

perhaps this should be moved to the MetaData area

Yes – sorry, as soon as I initially posted this I knew I had done it in the wrong location.

Ok moved it…not specifically a Nucleus issue. What are you using to Rip? the Ripper option on Roon OS?

dbPowerAmp on Mac OS