Nucleus+: Adding music to library takes forever

Did a scan of my NAS share with music; it found 122 new tracks; stated added files slowly up to 62 (and identified 62 as well). Now it seems stuck. Seems like retrieving reviews, biographies, lyrics, credits, covers, photos and other meta data is stuck. (NAS drive is responding, and I can still play music against the same NAS9.

Known issue ?

Fairly sure this is not relating the Nucleus+ in any way. Seems to be connected with external data retrieved from internet.

Hello @Tor_Gunnar_Berland,

Can you try restarting the NAS to see if that has any effect on the analysis of those files/metadata? Can you try to temporarily turn off Analysis and then turn it back on? Is it possible that one of these files you are now importing has a Special Character in the file name and that is why Roon is failing to import them?

Please let us know your findings when possible.


Restart the Nucleus+ seem to do the trick.

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