Nucleus, Albums in two profiles merged

I have two profiles set up. One for myself and one for my son. Recently for some reason all the albums in both profiles merged together. Now if I save an album to my profile it gets saved to my sons profile as well and if an album is removed from one profile it removes it from the other profile as well.

Play lists and recently played are not impacted by this.

I am concerned that if I delete my sons profile it will delete all of my stored albums as well.

Thanks for your help,

Hello @John_Mannix and welcome to the forum.

It’s unclear to me what you mean by “recently” as Roon’s library never ever was effected by profiles.
What Roon profiles are for and which parts get affected by it is documented in:

Note: There is only one library in Roon for all users/profiles.

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Hey BlackJack,

Around five months ago my son was here on a visit and set up a profile for himself on Roon. He played and saved around ten albums in his profile. Up until last Friday if I opened Roon and went to my Album tab none of the albums he saved were on my album list. They only showed if you opened his profile and went to the Album tab.

Last Friday Roon combined the albums he saved to my list and now the Album list is the same on both my profile and my son’s profile.

I appreciate the info you provided just baffled as to why it was different for five months.



Hey @John_Mannix,

As @BlackJack mentioned Roon has always utilized a single library concept. The change you’re seeing was probably affected by a change to the Sort by setting on your albums page. If you remove your son’s profile it won’t remove the albums he added or impact your profile in any way.

You can either go to the albums page and select all the albums that your son added, then click the ellipsis and select ‘Remove from library’ or you can select all the albums that are yours and then create a tag in My Stuff>Tags and apply it to your selections.

That’s the route my wife took with her profile, she created a tag for her library and applied the tag to all of her selections. That way she doesn’t see 100+ Grateful Dead albums on her albums page! :rofl:

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