Nucleus and DAC or Lumin T2?

Hi Guys

My Lumin D1 is having issues and i do not want to ship it to Hong Kong for service.

Now, solutions.
I am considering a Nucleus, instead of my Surface with Win 10 connected to a external DAC/streamer, probably Gold Note DS-10. Or just buy the wonderfull Lumin T2 and mantain PC as roon core.

Purely for sound quality which one do you find can sound the best?

A doubt: the Nucleus will substitute just the PC, right? I still need a dac/streamer, right?

Also, i dont own local music and dont use external disks and so on, just Tidal.

Any help much welcome :slight_smile:

Firstly what is the lumin issue and have you tried a factory reset?

@wklie peter should be able to guide you too…he is the local Lumin guru

I did that with no avail.
Lumin support, via e mail told me to ship it :frowning:

D1 is well out of support now, I have 2 of them both working flawlessly fortunately. You might be better served with the T2 if you can’t find another D1/2 in your local resale market, but it’s a much much better option than repairing the D1 if it’s really needing a physical repair.

yeah, repair is almost out of chance, shipping and customs, etc make that not worthy.

For the Lumin D1, please try a different power supply of the specifications: DC 12V 3A (or above) with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug.

In case you choose to try a different brand of product, I suggest you first check

Can’t go wrong with a T2. And when Lumin makes it Tidal Connect you wouldn’t be dependent on Roon either :wink:.


The OP has confirmed that the fault lies with the third party LPS he used. When a different power supply was used, the D1 functioned normally.