Nucleus and no Exlusive mode in Device setup

I use Nucleus for the first week. Earlier I had a Windows PC as core for Roon and that worked pretty well. I had som trouble to get the migrattion from earlier core on PC to Nucleus to work. All my albums got the same date. I found out a way that worked well. I zipped the audifiles before transfer to Nucleus and then when opening the date was unchanged.
Something that confuse me is taht whwn I open the Audio setteings/Device setup the is is no alternative for Exclusive mode. I use Atoll DAC 200 conected with USB. In my earlier configuration there was that choice in the setup. I do not know if that matters?

Exclusive mode is a Windows setting to bypass the Windows sound mixer that does digital processing you’d not want in a hi-res digital sound path. Nucleus is based on Linux, and it sets the Linux sound mixer appropriately without user intervention.

Thanks @Fernando_Pereira thats clarify.

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