Nucleus+ and PC backup

I have a Nucleus+. It has an internal SSD with my music. I operate this using an iPad. This is my playback system. All of my music is on the device, except for some music I recently downloaded.

I also have a PC. I use the PC to download files (from HDTracks and Acoustic Sounds) so all of my music arrives to me via my PC. I also keep all of my music on my PC, and back it up on a separate hard disk. Also, regarding my PC, I use this for listening to music when traveling. I have been using Windows Media Player, but want to play back music using ROON on my PC, ideally controlled via my iPad.

I understand that you can set up a file to be “watched” and music will automatically be sent from my PC to my Nucleus+. I go to Choose Music Folder and Add Network Share, but I do not know how to define my computer to eventually reference the location where my music resides.

Please help me configure my system so I can use my ROON resources in the fashion mentioned above. Also, please give me direction regarding how all music on my PC is “watched” by my Nucleus+ and (hopefully) transferred over automatically to my Nucleus+ with a SSD .

Most of your support information seems old because rarely do you mention using a Nucleus+ as the Core. Most always, you are talking about a PC or a Mac device. As a separate matter, please update your support info to include scenarios using a Nucleus+.

Hi @Rick_Talaske,

Just to clarify here, Roon can watch a folder and add them to your Roon database, but the files themselves aren’t physically transferred to the Nucleus’ internal storage. The audio files that are played would still be coming from the Windows folder. This is a perfectly fine way to use Roon, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any confusion here.

To add a networked folder, the first step here is to make sure that you have the folder containing the files shared on the Windows device. Microsoft has some instructions here.

For example, if I wanted to share the Music folder on my Windows machine, I’d navigate to the folder, right click, select properties, and go to Sharing.

As seen above, once shared, you will see the Network Path that needs to be used to access the share over the network. You can add this share by going to Settings > Storage and entering it in the Network Share Location field as seen in your prior screenshot. You’ll also want to make sure to include the correct Username and Password to access the shared folder.

Give this a try and let me know if you have any questions.

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