Nucleus+ - Aries - iFi DSD BL - Native DSD Issue

I just purchased an iFi DSD Black Label and I am trying to set it up properly for native DSD. If I plug the iFi directly into the Nucleus+ I am able to get native DSD working without any problems, however, I am trying to run it through an Auralic Aries bridge and that is where I am having an issue. When I plug the black label into the Aries I am not seeing the option for setting the DSD Strategy in Roon. Below is a screenshot:

If I set the Aries for DoP I can play the music without any conversion issues. If I turn DoP off Roon converts DSD to PCM and I not able to set the DSD strategy in Roon. I have upgraded the Black Label to the current firmware version but that did not make any difference. Anything else I should be doing in order to get native DSD working through the Aries?

yes: do not get obsessed with “Native vs DoP” as it actually doesn’t change a single bit :wink:

Aries femto and Chord Qutest here: only way to play Native would be… installing custom drivers on the Aries, which is obviously something I can’t do

Thanks Paolo. I just did further research and as a result updated the Aries firmware to the 5.5.1 beta. The new settings in that version allowed me to set the Aries to native DSD and it’s now working.

oh… just noticed Chord Qutest icon now shows in Roon when using the Aries with fw 5.5.1