Nucleus as a Roon Player with multichannel and HDMI output?

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

AVM Fritzbox on Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Stereo Streamer is Linn Klimax, multichannel streamer is Sigma with A Exasound 8 Channel DAC. AVR Amarantz SR 8015, Auro 3D Speaker setup

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I want to change my AVR to a JBL-SDR38. But this device has no 7.1. analog input for my DAC and thus I need a multichannel streamer with HDMI output.

I did not find any but the Nucleus.

Is it possible to use a Nucleus only as a Roonplayer with HDMI-output?

Or can you recommend a fanless Mini-PC where I can install RoonOS and also only Roon as Player and use its HDMI graphic output.

I do not want a Windows mini PC because of all the troubles with that OS and I want a “lossless” signal output and not only “high quality” as it is when the Windows (or also a MAC) mixer is involved.

Thank you for your help,

Some points:

  • The JBL is Roon ready, but I don’t know if multichannel is supported
  • I’m using for multichannel an exaSound e68 together with the Emotiva XMC-1 and don’t believe, that the DACs in an AVR are equal (or better).
    Also you can use use with the exaSound DSD256 in multichannel and your streamer as NAA client for the HQPlayer.
  • Also for multichannel over HDMI I’ve now changed from a MiniPC (Zotac with Rock on it → this I can sell) to the Eversolo DMP-A6, which supports also DSD over HDMI in multichannel, which is an unique feature, but I prefer in the most cases the exaSound DAC.

Nowadays it’s hard to find an AVR/AVP with an analog multichannel input, but for example Primare has one with the SPA25 (also with Dirac included).
I’m thinking also to change my AVP, but waiting here for the bigger Primare SP35 which will be in the same price area than the JBL.

Thank you very much. I never heard about Eversolo before. That may help me a lot.

Do you know if the A8 is going to as well?

The A8 has only a I2S output and an ARC input. So not the dedicated HDMI audio ouput like the A6 and it seems that it will not support multichannel.