Nucleus As Plex Server?

Hi. I did a search but can’t find an answer I understand. With the new Roon pricing I just can’t afford Roon any longer and I’m bummed but decided I will use Plex/Plexamp for my music. Since I bought a Nucleus when they first came out, I’m wondering if there is a way to just use the Nucleus for my Plex Music. I have a NAS for all my Plex movies/tv/music currently. I use a Mac for Roon and Plex Amp control and iPhone for Plex Amp. Thanks for any help. I’m not a networking expert so plain terminology would be great lol. Thanks in advance.

Nucleus is just another computer.

Put a new operating system on it and you’re GTG.

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Since Nucleus OS (basically ROCK) is a closed system, I guess you’d have to install a generic Linux distribution on it, after which you should be able to use it as any other computer and install any apps you wish. I don’t know if you need any special drivers though, as I seem to remember that Roon builds a custom kernel for it.

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Or Windows.

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Ok well sounds like all above my knowledge. Thanks for replies.

I didn’t want to go that far :slight_smile: You need to make sure that the CPU is supported for Windows and that you can find required drivers (storage and network, at a minimum).

Installing Windows is a piece of cake and you don’t have to buy a license if it doesn’t work out. Pay some 13 yr. old to do it for you.

Linux, altho free, is vastly more complicated for a novice.

I have a Nucleus at home running Plex server.

I’d love to open this up to the public, but it is constantly causing me issues that require rebooting or restarting stuff.

I also had it running Minecraft for my kids, but again, what a nightmare. Kids can be far more demanding when things are broken.

Probably not a great idea if you bought a Nucleus because want it to be great at Roon and not much else.


Linux or Windows?

Nucleus is RoonOS, which uses the Linux kernel.

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Why don’t you sell the Nucleus, as a Nucleus, buy another computer for Plex and keep the change?


Or get 2 or 3 lifetime subscriptions to Roon with the change.

Not quite… you have to deal with thermal management in fanless cases. It’s not hard to do, you just have to do it.

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Please tell me off or move to an appropriate thread.

Was this as a Minecraft Java Edition server?

We used Bedrock server because iPad Minecraft was the app of choice. Later, I found out there is an add-on to allow Bedrock clients to use Java servers. It wouldn’t have mattered for the RoonOS integration, since it was dockerized.

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Sell your Nucleus with Roon installed.

Thanks @danny I now see my error. Bedrock for iPad. Didn’t research it enough. That’s me tinkering at weekend. I normally use VMware EXSI.

Thanks for the link also.

My understanding is Nucleus is just a PC architecture computer that will run any PC-based operating system, like Linux or Windows. But the devil is in the details, which you don’t seem that interested in. And if successful, you will have a very expensive PC running Plex. I second the advice to sell the Nucleus, buy a generic PC adequate for your needs, and pocket the difference.

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So you’re doing thermal management at the application level? I thought the BIOS handled that.

My Asus MoBo in an HDPlex fanless case (which are getting long in the tooth), running Kodi, throws up a “CPU fan error” at startup, and that’s the end of it. But I believe the MoBo has fan management settings, if I had one. I guess the fanless cooling is a significant part of the cost of the Nucleus.

BTW that system was never intended for Roon. For that I’m using a Synology NAS for core, and an Oppo UDP 205 as main endpoint.

Both in Roon and in Roon OS.

The BIOS thermal management is lame – it’ll just throttle down your max CPU freq.