Nucleus Audio Out to Sonos Port

Any help appreciated: I run a Nucleus through two high-end systems in two separate areas of my house, but I use several Sonos speakers in secondary utility areas such as the garage.

I want be able to play the same music in all zones but unfortunately this seems impossible as it appears that the Sonos speakers only play as a separate unconnectable zone on their proprietary platform or via AirPlay.

I’ve been told that if I connect a Sonos Port to the audio out on my Nucleus that this will permit me to have uniform sound throughout the house.

Does anyone have any experience with this or another solution?

Thank you,

Essentially, you are using the line in on the Port which then becomes the source to the rest of the Sonos equipment. You’d still have to do the Sonos grouping and volume control via the Sonos app.

It probably won’t be a good experience, however, as Sonos has considerably latency on their line in ports. So if you are trying to do whole-house audio that is synced, it won’t happen.

And if I use a RAAT protocol device like a Bluesound Flex would this solve the problem? Thanks.

P.s. the “Sonos” rooms are on a separate lower floor and are utility rooms. At the moment, unless I am listening to digital radio, this lower floor has altogether different music than my zones on the upper floor.

The Nucleus does not have an analog audio output - only HDMI and USB digital output. So unless you have a DAC connected to the Nucleus that you didn’t mention, I don’t see how this will work as it appears the Sonos Port only has analog inputs.

Using RAAT, Roon will keep the devices in Sync, yes.