Nucleus+ automatic software updates to ensure compatibility with ARC while traveling?

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Shortly after I set up Roon ARC to work with my Nucleus+, I had to leave home unexpectedly and will be away for several months.

I am very pleased to be able to use Roon ARC while I am traveling, but I am unsure whether my Nucleus+ will be updated automatically with the latest versions of Roon software without any local user intervention. I would hate to find that I can no longer use ARC because my Nucleus+ is not updating to the latest software version.


You could either turn off automatic updates for your apps and for your Nucleus

Or turn them on for both, and yes, you can do this for the Nucleus


I see that my question was not clear.

I am currently away from home for an extended period, so I am unable to access Roon settings for my Nucleus. I have already set updates to be automatically installed, but I have noticed in the past that even with this setting I am prompted for a manual intervention to complete the installation of an update. Maybe the update installs automatically after a set interval? As long as that is the case then there should not be a problem.

Since I am not home, it does not matter to me if there is a discrepancy between the versions of the Roon software installed on the Nucleus and the Roon Remote app installed on local devices. But I do want to make sure that the Nucleus is automatically updated so that I can continue to use Roon ARC without any difficulties.

Sorry, in this case I don’t know why “automatically install all updates” on the Nucleus does not automatically install all updates. This seems to be its purpose and if it does not work I would consider that an issue.

I have a ROCK and at one time also had this setting. If I remember correctly, it did what it said, but it was quite some time ago

Hey @Kurvenal,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for writing in!

The auto-update setting when enabled should do just that. We’ve seen in the past that some updates fail due to connectivity errors around network interruptions, I would verify that your network is setup to be as stable as possible during your time away from home.

Outside of that, you should be good to go in regard to making sure your Nucleus stays up to date :+1:

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