Nucleus b just two years old not seen by router

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus + rev B. powered on 24/7 for two years with no problem

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Smart hub 2

Connected Audio Devices

Rossini Dac via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Exact same problem as Richard Horsey on Aug 1st with the same screen shots when I plug in monitor. BT smart hub no longer sees nucleus plugged into router. Unit died mid song

Hi @Stephen_Carley,

Man, I’m sorry to hear this. I did some reading on Richard’s issue and this was the solution offered for an at-home repair (below). We also offer repair services and if you would like to go that route, please send me a message and I will reply with all of the necessary information for you to proceed.

Kindest regards,

As others have noted on this thread, that error is a sign of a failing M2 SSD on the Nucleus, and the SSD needs to be replaced. You are most welcome to replace the SSD yourself, install ROCK, login, and then let us know after and we will remotely flash it back to NucleusOS for the thermal management features. You can use the Samsung EVO or if you are looking for a cheaper option, Transcend 110S is also compatible. You can follow our ROCK install guide, starting from after the BIOS flashing step:


Thanks for getting back to me. I have ordered the card and will give it a go.

Presumably I contact you for the software flash update and for repair if it does not work? I’m in the UK


Once the HDD has been replaced and you follow the instructions in the link, please respond here. I will get someone to remotely flash for us.

If we have issues beyond this and a repair is necessary, we should be able to help you locate a local dealer for repair. However, I have high hopes that this step won’t be necessary.


Hi Wes. Now up and running with new SSD and restored backup

I copied the Codecs file as directed but still get message missing Codecs? It’s working so far but not sure what I’ve done wrong, can you access remotely?

How do I change name back to Nucleus plus please?

Thanks for your help with this issue

Can you do the necessary software update please

Hi Wes. I solved my Codecs issue!

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Hi Wes. Please can you get the thermal management flashed for the nucleus +. Thanks

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This is great to hear! I will see if I can get someone to promptly flash for you. Please ensure your core stays online until we’re done. You’re currently online so this is just a reminder.

I will let you know when all is done so you can test things out.


It is complete!

Please give it a shot and let me know how things are going.


Up and running! Thank you Wes

I’m looking forward to tomorrow update even more now

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That makes me so very happy to hear!

Enjoy the music, Stephen!


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