NUCLEUS Back up to OneDrive

I would like to back up my Roon database from NUCLEUS to my OneDrive account, but I cannot figure out how. I use an iPad for remote operation. OneDrive is visible on my iPad, and I am logged in, but it doesn’t show up on the backup options-screen, when I try to configure a scheduled backup. Maybe it can be done from my PC?

You can’t do this. Roon only supports Dropbox as a cloud solution. This is from the server not your remote .If you want to back up to OneDrive you need to use a Nas or pc to do it. I first use my Nas to backup the database , then another event backs this up to OneDrive. You could do the same with a regular computer and some backup software.

Personally, I think plugging a USB drive into your Nucleus works best. You can then move it to another device if you ever have a need to restore to a difference device than your Nucleus. You can leave it connected to your Nucleus unless/untill needed elsewhere.

Ok, thank you for respons. Dropbox is just another expence, so I am looking for another solution.

Thank you. If I plug in an USB device, will it then turn up on my network, or how do I access?

Strictly speaking backups should never be stored physically close to the source, should you get a fire or a flood everything will be lost. At least store remotely to a NAS or network share in a separate room but off-prem backups such as Dropbox/Backblaze etc are ideal.

Or copy from one USB drive to another USB drive and put one in your safe deposit box in case the house burns down.

Yes, when you go into Roon and setup your backup’s it will be there. At least it was for me.

Thank you very much

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Thanks again

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