Nucleus Backup Routine

I have been agonising about this ever since I set up my Nucleus and copied all my music across to an internal SSD. I have backed up once to an external USB SSD using drag and drop on my Mac but been adding music on a regular basis.This is not ideal and takes forever as I literally have to copy the whole library across.

I would like to have a regular incremental back up routine either to a NAS or external hard drive attached directly via USB to the Nucleus.

Also do you have any instructions on how to restore from a backup if say the internal music storage SSD fails for any reason.


Hello @William_Allbrook,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. For Backup instructions, we have the following Knowledge Base Article: Since you are looking to perform schedules back ups, you can use our “Scheduled Backups” feature in Roon. To access the Backup Tab, you can do so in Roon Settings -> Backups, the tab should look like this:

To setup a scheduled backup, you have to press “View” on the scheduled backups button, then fill in your information and choose a desired backup location, this tab should look like this:

If you require instructions on how to add your NAS inside of Roon, you can find those instructions here:
Guide #1:
Guide #2:

I hope this helps but do let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi Noris

This is fine and my Room Core is now backed up. However this does not really help me back up my music which sits on the the internal SSD I installed into the Nucleus. I want to run scheduled back ups of that.

What’s the best way?


Hello @William_Allbrook,

Glad to hear that the instructions I provided for scheduled Database backups are working for you. At this time, creating scheduled backups of your music files themselves is not possible, I would recommend posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community. I hope this helps!


Hi Noris

I have already reiterated such a feature request from another User.



I use my NAS to backup my music files from the local usb drive on my core running ROCK. It’s scheduled to back up the library on my QNAP from my core to its raid everynight at a set time and also then back this up to my OneDrive cloud backup.

If you have a NAS its pretty easy to setup you just need to add the network path to the drive on your nucleus as a source on the NAS.

Any recommendation on the NAS and how to connect it? I currently have my Nucleus connected to my router by ethernet.


What NAS do you have?

If you have a QNAP you can use Hybrid Backup Sync.

  • Find you ip address of the Nucleus

  • Then start Hybrid Backup Sync, Click on All Jobs and on the Right Where it says + Create Job choose Sync Job.

  • Choose Active Sync

  • Then Choose CIFS

  • On the next section add in the Nucleus’ details so you need its ip address, enter the username and password as guest (works for ROCK so assume same for Nucleus) and in the Destination Folder type data.

Now add the destination and source paths to your NAS and From the Nucleus using the UI.

Then add it so it drops down and appears as below. You can set schedule and whatnot in advanced.

Save and your done.

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Many thanks. I was trying to avoid by a NAS but I may have to relent.

You can achieve the same with other backup software and just a pc. Choice is yours.

Best solution for a Mac?


Google is your friend. Don’t use Mac’s.

Norris, I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here but this question is similar to a previous question I asked you last week
I followed your above instructions by going to back ups- scheduled back ups - view. three back up locations came up similar to the ones used when the iMac was my core but including nucleus in the location description.
I pressed the add button and got a window that allowed me to change the back up period, time
to start, etc
I also pressed “back up location” and was given a choice of folders for the back up one of which was labeled “roon back up “ which I selected. another “scheduled back up window” appeared and I filled in the backup period, time to start Etc and pressed save. I then got another scheduled back up window with the message invalid path specified. I then went back to settings - back ups and “”manual start” of the nucleus room back up window and got a message “back up failed back - up directory not available. So what did I do wrong to back up the Roon database?

Chronosync. Been using it for years. Works great on a Mac. I actually have the master copy of my music on my Mac and any metadata editing is done there. Then I use chronosync to sync this daily with the ssd on my nucleus+ and also to my NAS so I have redundant copies. As a final note, because I’m paranoid of losing stuff, I use CloudSync on my Synology NAS to automatically sync offsite to BackBlaze…

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