Nucleus+ backup

Core Machine

Nucleus+ with 2TB internal storage.

Network Details

connected via ethernet to Asus RT-AX86

Audio Devices

tried connecting via usb to WD My Book Studio and OWC Mercury Elite Pro.

Description of Issue

Upon trying to backup my Roon database, my Nucleus found both external storage devices, but when I selected one and pressed Save, I got a “Unexpected Error: Not Found” message.

Also, how do I back up my music files to the external storage device?

A couple of questions:

  • Which drive did you select, and what disk format does it use?
  • Did the other drive work?

The Backup function in Roon is solely for the Roon database; there is no built-in backup function for the music files themselves.

There is a feature request for this , but nothing has been announced by Roon Labs thus far.

Most of us are using third-party solutions to backup the music files over the network

I am attaching a screenshot. I tried each storage device individually. They are both formatted as Journaled HFS+.

The HFS+ format is Read-only, as far as the Nucleus is concerned. That is the cause of the error.

See this Help article over Nucleus Media Storage And Audio Devices:

Note that HFS/HFS+ (also known as “Mac OS Journaled”) is read-only, which means that the Nucleus will not be able to make changes or store new music on the USB drive.

I reformatted to Exfat and now am getting “Invalid path specified”. Attached is a screenshot of my path.

Did you (re)create the backup path after you had reformatted the drive?

The backup path shown on the last screen shot I sent you was generated by Nucleus after reformatting the WD external drive.

And you are choosing the “Force backup now” option from the “3 dots” menu shown on your screenshot?

I believe I tried that to no avail. However, I just now selected “Backup now” from the Roon Database Backup page, selected the appropriate location and a successful backup occurred. I should be set now.

Thank you for your help.

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