Nucleus Backups Not Avaliable?

Hello @noris,

I too had a similar issue once with N+ last week. I too had to do a long push on the NUC to force it to turn off, then turn it back on. I further noticed that my backups are not available and I had to set a new folder to backup every 2 days. I have a N+.

I have not faced the issue again, Just happened once.


Hello @Tushar_das,

Where do you have the backups set to, is it to an attached USB drive or to a NAS storage location?
If this issue re-occurs, can you please note the time + date of the issue’s occurrence?

Dear @noris ,

It is a SanDisk 2 TB SSD add-on attached inside N+. So I guess it is in internal N+ .

I will surely Note the time & date if it happens next time. Below are a few screenshots to help.



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Thanks for those screenshots @Tushar_das! If the issue happens again, please note the time + date of the occurrence and let me know this info here!