Nucleus+ board replacement

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+ (rev B)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired network connection to Unifi USW-Enterprise-24-PoE switch

Connected Audio Devices

Wired connections to KEF LSX II, Bluesound Node +, etc.

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 6,000

Description of Issue

I had a lightning strike near our house, which appears to have fried the network interface on my Nucleus+ (and the network interface on some other devices). I made sure that I plugged the unit into a working port of the switch.

Can I buy a replacement board for the Nucleus+ (rev B)? I don’t think it is possible to fix the network section (the whole CPU board needs to be replaced). Perhaps it’s an Intel NUC board.

Alternatively, can I RMA the unit for you to repair?

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If it is just the network interface that died, you could buy a USB network interface and use that.

There’s only one RJ45 network input on the Roon Nucleus+. I’m not sure I understand your suggestion.

I’d like to get the unit working back to its original state.

@Narinder_Singh, what @Rugby is recommending is a USB-to-Ethernet adapter as a possible option if the RJ45 connector or connection does not work. This may be a temporary fix (or to confirm if the network interface or something else is the issue), but it also may be less expensive than a full repair.

Just a recommendation. Roon’s @support team will contact you with options as they move through their support queue.

Thanks for the clarification. I got a USB-C Ethernet adapter (and a USB-A to USB-C adapter). I’m able to connect to the network with this setup, so the failure may be limited to the NIC. I’d still like to replace the main board.

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Hi @Narinder_Singh ,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this issue. I’ve messaged you an RMA form via private message (green notification in top right of forum). Please complete the details there and we can submit your case for review with the RMA team, thanks!

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