Nucleus + can no longer see Meridian ID40/41

Somehow in the last few days my Nucleus + has stopped seeing my Meridian ID40 and ID41 cards on the network . There haven’t been any firmware updates lately for the cards , the Nucleus + or the router . Using IP Scanner Pro app both cards are visible and are listed on the router’s home page also .

Ive rebooted both the Nucleus + and the router and re-typed both cards . Still nothing .

Any ideas ?


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Hello @Moonloop,

Can you please post some screenshots of the cards showing up in the router config vs what you’re seeing in Roon Settings -> Audio? Do any networked endpoints show up on your Nucleus at all or are just the Meridian endpoints missing?


Hi ,

This the Roon settings page with networked Oppo player and Apple tvs (which I don’t use )

This is the router page ; .3 is Nucleus + and .2 is ID41 in Meridian 861v8 . ID40 has disappeared since last I looked .


Thanks for providing that information @Moonloop,

Can I please ask you to verify if you experience the same behavior if you temporarily host Roon on another Core such as your Mac OSX from the IP list? Also, can you please confirm which order you have rebooted the devices? Was it router first, then Core then Meridian cards? If you have rebooted in another order I would try that order and see if it changes anything. Please let me know when possible.


Thanks a lot @noris , that appears to have worked! They have reappeared in Roon settings discovered network audio devices so so far so good :blush:
I used to run Roon in tandem with Sooloos but could never get them to work reliably so now that it’s Roon only I’m very dependent on the system

Seasons Greetings!



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