Nucleus can’t update to 1.7

My iPads are updated to 1.7, so no possibility to run Roon on the Nucleus via my mobil devices anymore

looks like you could be in China…so need to have some VPN access to get to the upload sites…maybe support can offer some option. @support

Hi @yerong_xiao,

Can you confirm where you’re located? As suggested above, it might be possible that this is being blocked by a firewall.

If you haven’t already, I’d also try rebooting the Core machine and see if that helps.

I’m in China. I tried VPN, but I couldn’t
I’d also try rebooting the Core machine

Previous updates are OK

Do you have 1.7 image for rock

Hi @yerong_xiao,

What VPN did you try? Typically a VPN to help get around the firewall will do the trick.