Nucleus cant find enpoints/music zones [Resolved with reboot]

Having transferred my backup from my PC to the Roon Nucleus, it has managed to find my music library on my Innuos Zen, however It has failed to find any music endpoints, ie the Zen, Sonos, airplay for Hegel amp or auralic mini in my second system.

Reading the migration notes, I followed them to the letter, hoping to see all the endpoint logic transferred as per the help notes, no such luck!

How can I get Nucleus to rediscover my multiple endpoints?

@alex_wood How is your Nucleus connected to the rest of the devices on the network? More often than not if things are not being seen its often networking issues.

Hello there.
Initially my Nucleus was networked (Connected) via my Innuos Zen, thats when I discovered I could not see any endpoints. I have since connected it to a network switch, which I have all my other HiFi components connected to and I still cannot see any endpoints.
I am at work at the moment, so not able to make changes to my kit right now.

@alex_wood you might like to provide more details as noted here…and Im tagging @support for you too :smiley:

have you also restarted the Nucleus after connecting it to the switch?

I ran out of time this morning, prior to work, regards re-starting Nucleus, so I will try that tonight and come back to this.I did however restart Roon, just not the hardware.
Being the optimist, I hope hardware reboot may connect me.

If your network settings didn’t change as a result of the move then this will be a problem that the reboot should solve…Assuming you have the Nucleus at the default settings which should be using DHCP. If you have set a fixed IP setting then you will need to check what the network settings should be based on your other devices on the switch.

I would not have changed DHCP to fixed settings, it wasnt changed on the PC and therefore the back up transfer, couple with Nucleus default at DHCP shoould not be a problem, however I will check that also.
Thanks for your help thus far

So, thank you for your help. Re-booting the hardware sorted the issue out.
If I had not been in such a rush this morning, I would not feel so stupid now.
Lesson learnt.

Glad that was an easy fix :smiley:

Led zeppelin heaven all evening now

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