Nucleus can't find Oppo HA-2 [resolved: needed to be turned on]

I have just purchased a Nucleus. Have got it home and seem to have migrated my data base across, and my usb ext.hdd drive is scanned.
I was under the impression I could remove my MBP, and drop the nucleus in it’s place and play away.

It seems the oppo ha-2 headphone amp/dac I have used for a number of years with my old setup is not seen by the nucleus.

I subsequently read the oppo user manual … see below.

What are my options to get my music playing again with this dac?

@James_O_Brien I’ve used the HA-2 (and HA-1 and Sonica DAC) with a Raspberry Pi running Ropieee and had no issues even at DSD256. I was pretty sure I had also run it at DSD128 on the ROC/NUC combo too.

You should be using the USB connection to the OTG port as per the page shown above and select B - dont forget to turn the HA-2 on too :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I am traveling this week (with my HA-2) so I can’t connect it to my ROCK setup to try it until the weekend.

Thanks wizard, I still can’t get the nucleus to recognise the oppo. Am hoping someone can talk me through it.

@James_O_Brien@john will help you with that in a bit… can I ask who you bought the Nucleus from?

Hello @James_O_Brien,

When you have the OPPO HA-2 powered on and connected to the Nucleus, are you able to see it in your “Audio” tab in Settings? You may need to “Enable” the zone before Roon shows it as available for playback.


Hi Danny,
Minidisc , Chatswood in Sydney (Aust). Great service. “High end” accessory retailer.

Thanks John,
I had looked at that screen last night , but the dac could not have been turned on.
Just enabled it then and now the HA-2 is enabled and operational. I am still planning to upgrade to the qutest in the future but now I have some breathing room🙂.Thanks again.