Nucleus+ can't update firmware from Version 1.6 (build 416) stable

I get the new Nucleus + and try to make it work but no hope till now.
System Summary:

And the updating take a day but the progress is stuck.

Please help

I checked I found that the traffic is too small. Did roon server set limit?

Hi Jayce,

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Using the Web UI in your first screenshot, try clicking Reinstall next to Operating System. That should update the software.

Cheers, Greg

On your Roon Nucleus status window, select re-install next to Operating System

Hopefully that should do the trick

Also if you require support from Roon you need to post your request under the support category otherwise it will go unanswered.

already did re-install OS before raised this issue.

Thanks. I resubmitted to support category.

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Something is not right as when you re-installed RoonOS it should now be build 223 not 175.

Yes something is definitely not right, like I said RoonOS should be build 223.
You won’t be able to update Roon to 1.8 until RoonOS has been updated to B223.

Hopefully support will sort it out for you.

Moved to Nucleus @support .

Jayce had already opened a Support thread for this issue…

try for the DNS

if that doesn’t work then Danny might still have some issues to resolve they were supposed to be fixed a few days back for the issue that didnt exist it seems…beats me

I’m going to unlist this thread, since it has already been raised in a separate thread in the Support forum, and Support will follow up in that thread.