Nucleus+ Chirping

Hi Danny,

I noticed my Nucleus+ is chirping as well. I moved it to the top shelf of my rack, and that is when it became audible to me from about 1.5 to 2 meters away.

I am running the update. Please let me know if I can provide you any more information.


below is the stats for my chirping Nucleus+. I certainly hope we can resolve this.

Hi @Kristofa,

Can you please verify the following:

  • When did you purchase this Nucleus?
  • Where did you purchase the Nucleus?
  • What is the Serial Number?
  • Is it a Rev A or Rev B ?

Can you share a video of the chirping issue?

Thanks, Dylan!

I purchased it December 9, 2019 through your amazon store. It arrived on December 13.

SERIAL # 54B2038C0EBD per Roon setup screen

It is a Rev B

I will work on that video for you

Thanks again!

Hi Dylan,

Below is a link to the video with the sound. Over the past few days I tried to see if the sound changed depending on how I was interacting with the Nucleus, but it seems to always be making this sound. Let me know it you can not access it then I will try and get it to you a different way.


Hi Dylan,

Is there any update on this issue?


Hi @Kristofa,

I spoke with the team about this, and we are hoping to run some diagnostics that should give us some insight into what might be happening on this device. Can you confirm that the device is powered on and connected to the network and leave the device in this state for some time so we can run the diagnostics?

You also mentioned you noticed this when you moved the unit to a new location on the rack — Was there any noise before the move, or are you not sure?

Hi Dylan, thank you for exploring this further. Yes, the device is on and connected to the network and should be throughout the day.

I cannot be positive on if the sound existed in its previous location. When I get home, I can move it back to its previous location to see if I can hear it—I will not do that until you give the go ahead.

I don’t think the sound has gotten louder, but I can hear it from much further away now. This may just be the phenomenon of “once you hear it, you cannot in-hear it”, ya know? :upside_down_face:

Thanks again, team!


Thanks, @Kristofa — I’ll follow up with you once we’ve run diagnostics and I have further feedback from the team.

UPDATE: I moved it back to the lower shelf last night for a minute to see how the sound was. It was still there but more muted. It is possible I missed it before, but I can’t be certain anymore.

Also, I unplugged it and moved the wall wart to a different plug. During reboot, the sound was not present. It wasn’t until it seemed to become stable that the sound was present again.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the update, @Kristofa!

It’s interesting that it wasn’t happening when you first set it up at the new spot — Does it happen if Roon is sitting there completely idle? Is analysis ongoing or is there any media importing occurring?

Hi Dylan,

The sound is when idle.

When initially booting up, there starts as no sound.
Once booting, there is a slight white noise like the steady portion sound of an old dial up modem. It is inaudible from 1 meter away. The green light on the back flashes steady during this time.

The sound I recorded for you starts about 10 minutes after booting. The green light flashes intermittently at this stage.the sound is louder at this time.

I hope this helps!

I can play a track, but the sound does not change if a track is playing or not.

Hi @Kristofa,

Is analysis being or importing being performed? If you go to Settings > Library and disable all analysis settings temporarily and then reboot do the sound still sound the same?

Hi Dylan. I will try this when I get home at 5:30 Pm PST.

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Okay, so I turned off the two analysis options in the Library setting. Nothing else said analysis.

During the initial reboot, again, there was no sound.
When it came back up, it started to scan my library of around 83k tracks. There was the steady sound I described in my last reboot test.

It appears when it is stable that the sound is loudest and repetitive. I will leave it on if you are still doing diagnostics, but the sound is starting to bother me, and I may need to shut down the Nucleus during the hours I am in my living room and not playing music… at least until this issue is resolved.

Let me know what else I can try on my end.

It appears to be quieter at the moment to where I hear it 1 meter away instead of 2 and 3 meters, but I will listen again in the morning.

Good morning!

Morning update (with fresh ears)

As with last night, the sound seems quieter but still there, and the sound is the same repetitive high pitch that I recorded for you.

We are on the right track, it seems, and thank you again for helping us get to the bottom of it! :blush:

Hi Dylan,

Has there been any movement on this issue? Is there anything else I need to do to eradicate that sound? I have moved it to a lower shelf again to reduce the distance of its sound range. My fear is that all reviews have stated this should be a quiet device due to no moving parts, and that my unit may fail at some point because it is not silent.

The unit is on and connected to the network.