Nucleus+ constantly turning itself on and off

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ with no internal memory
Serial number 562556652

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Melco S100 network switch
TP Link AC2600 Router
Connected via Ethernet cable

Connected Audio Devices

Melco N1Z music library
Naim ND555 streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

Only 19% of storage capacity used up. Only around 150 CD’s ripped onto it.

Description of Issue

Periodically the Roon app has failed to connect with the Nucleus+. Looking at the back of the Nucleus+ the light in the on/off switch turns itself off every 45 seconds or thereabouts and then turns itself back on shortly afterwards. The orange a green lights next to the RJ45 socket then turn back on. After another 45 seconds the whole cycle repeats itself. It has now been doing this continuously for 48 hours. Completely turning off my hifi system to enable Roon to detect and connect to my equipment is not solving the problem. I do not know what else I can do. Please advise!

Sounds like a hardware problem. I would recommend returning it to the dealer where it was purchased so they can take a look and if required return it to the service centre in your locale. When you state “with no internal memory”, I assume you are referring to an installed Hard Drive as local storage, as opposed to no memory fitted to the NUC mainboard.

Dave, many thanks for your thoughts. Have already spoken to my hifi dealer and he will be temporarily lending me one. If this solves my problem then my Nucleus+ will be returned through him to yourselves at Henley Audio. As you correctly state, my Roon does not have an installed internal hard drive.

OK, let me know the dealer if he does send it on back, I can keep an eye out for it arriving and get it turned around pronto.

Could be a power brick issue too - but your dealer should be able to get you sorted.

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