Nucleus core cannot find import location on Apple Mac

I have followed every step i could find.
however i cannot import songs i have on my mac onto my Nucleus

Did you see this?

If it were me, I’d copy my music to a external drive (formatted so Nucleus can see it) and just plug it into the Nucleus directly, but that’s just me. Networking stuff freaks me out

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Have Roon and Finder open side-by-side on the Mac, and drag folders to the Roon interface. For performance, make sure both are on Ethernet connections.

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thank you so much, i will attempt the network stuff first then if i continue to fail i will do plug in an external drive

It still does not work, is this because i have it plugged into a mesh network?
I followed every step 4 or 5 times, i understand what needs to be done, however it just will not find the shared folder despite all my attempts. Incredibly frustrating

I wish I knew! I’m sorry. If they are on the same network and your sharing is setup properly the Nucleus should see it.

Might be a crazy idea but can you connect the Nucleus and the Mac to the router physically with Ethernet and see if the Nucleus can find the music then?

If it does, you know the issue is your network.

You haven’t specifically said that you are using Ethernet with the Nucleus. I don’t own one, therefore I’m too lazy to search, but I don’t think the Nucleus does Wi-Fi.

If your Nucleus is on the ISP router, and other devices are on the mesh, they may be on different subnets, e.g.,, etc.

If you can, connect the Nucleus to a port in the mesh router.

Thanks all your help. i was able to locate the nucleus from my macbook and just dragged and dropped my favourite albums into the storage location of the nucleus. so i am able to import them


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