Nucleus Core Connection Failed

I received a Nucleus today, purchased from the Roon store. I installed a 2 TB Samsung SSD. After updating the operating system and formatting the drive I migrated the database from my iMac to the Nucleus via USB flash drive. I also transferred about 400 tracks from the iMac to the InternalStorage folder of the SSD. And I also disabled the Music Folder on the Mac. System status appears to look good per the attached screen shot. The Nucleus is hard wired (ethernet) into my Synology RT2600ac router, as is the Mac.

When I try to migrate to the Nucleus core I get a failure message:

I have attempted multiple reboots of the router, Nucleus, and Mac to no avail. What am I missing?

Have you unauthorized the core that was running on the MAC?

Only thing I can think of.

Please close this request. After stumbling around with a variety of attempts, I finally enabled the Nucleus and it’s now running nicely. Frankly, somebody should rewrite the manual. Following it precisely did not work. It took extra steps not mentioned in the manual to make it work. Anyway, it’s going so now I’m happy.

Hi @Daniel_Blazej,
Could you elaborate, then Roon can use the feedback to improve their manual.

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