Nucleus crashed, now not accessible

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus( Roon version 1.8 build 831

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon Fios Mesh router>Pakedge SE8 EP switch(closet)>(living room)EtherRegen Switch (A-side only)> EdisCreation Silent Switch>Roon Nucleus

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Nucleus as core network cable WW Starlight platinum Cat 8 to EdisCreation Silent Switch. Remote devices include ipads, iphones, imac and laptop.

Number of Tracks in Library

My Core had no content or connection to any streaming services when I connected this morning. I enabled backup restoration which indicated it was completed but I still have no content. I can connect to services on my IMac via Roon but again no content is displayed including downloads on my SSD, my library shows 0. I rebooted all the above devices and unplugged them several times with no change. I can only access Roon on my IMac which is a wired connection on my ipad the core cannot be found. Aside from the content not showing, Roon shows no audio devices being available but displays the Nucleus as the core and stable. The Router, switches and network are all working properly, no issues with the network.

I finally got the Nucleus running again after restoring my backup for a second time, but was getting an error message regarding the metadata improver, that it has been paused so I was unable to access Tidal or Qobuz just my existing albums.

Now I just lost everything again, no albums or devices. The router and switches are all working the cable connections are all working. I believe it may be the Nucleus?

I restored my library for the third time. It has been a number of hours and I can only play albums in my library. I cannot access any new metadata from Tidal or Qobuz. Those services just either say this an error or they are syncing
my library.

Hi @Mark_Ramler, we’ve enabled diagnostics on your Nucleus and will take a look at what’s happening here. We’ll follow up soon!

My Nucleus crashed again. While you are doing diagnostics Is it okay to change the Roon core to my iMac?

Hi Dylan
Have you completed the diagnostics on my Nucleus?

I restored yesterday and it was working. Today it is not it crashed again. Please advice me on what the problem is.

My Nucleus can no longer be found my Roon, even if I enter the IP address.
Please advise.

This is my second public message asking for help. Approximately 2 weeks ago my Nucleus would lose all the my albums and metadata. I would have to restore my latest backup and it would work for a while and then crash. Last week it stopped working entirely. It cannot be found by any Roon network device and I changed my Roon core to my PC. Support had said they were going to run diagnostics while it was still somewhat functioning but I never heard back despite several requests. I am not sure what to do at this point.

It sounds like the internal ssd has failed unfortunately.
Did you buy it new?
How old is it?
Under warranty maybe?

Why would that affect Tidal and Qobuz? This was all data being lost and than finally the Nucleus being lost from my network. I have no issue running the core on my laptop or iMac. I believe I purchased the Nucleus in April of 2020 so it is still under warranty.

Because Roon considers all of your saved albums as your library whether they are from a streaming service or your own local hdd and analyses all of them to build its database.
I would contact the dealer you got the Nucleus from to see how they want to proceed.
Have you tried to reach it via web gui?

A response from Support would certainly help in dealing with the dealer.

Hello @Mark_Ramler ,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. If you try to connect the Nucleus HDMI output to a TV or Monitor, do you see anything displayed there? If you see anything on the HDMI output, can you please share a screenshot? Where you purchased this Nucleus from (dealer or direct sale) and what was the purchase date? Thank you!

Thread continued via private message, Nucleus has a defective SSD that needs RMA.