Nucleus+ Crashing When Making Backup

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus Rev. B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk X4S

Connected Audio Devices

Brooklyn DAC + (usb)
Amazon Fire HD 10 (wifi)

Number of Tracks in Library

237,155 tracks

Description of Issue

Read where the latest version of Roon, version 882, will warn us of a corrupt database and stop performing backups. If an issue arises with our database going forward, how will we be notified?

The reason I ask is that I checked my scheduled backups today and discovered that the most recent backup was yesterday, before I updated my core and player app to the latest version. Therefore, the daily backup I set up as once-daily @ 2 a.m. did not perform as originally scheduled. Does this mean my database is corrupt?

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FWIW, Attempted to perform a Forced Backup and received this…

Is this how we will know we have a database issue?

Day 2 since I updated to v. 882 and still losing connection during backup.

As an added bit of information, I was able to perform a restore successfully last night after the Forced Backup failed. However, it too prompted me with a “Lost Connection” window at the conclusion. Attempted a forced backup this a.m. and it too was not successful as I encountered the “Lost Connection” window again.

no, something else is wrong… @support needs look at your logs.

when corruption is noticed, the system goes into the corrupt db screen on all control points and you can’t do anything until manually restarting the core. No one is going to miss it.

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Thanks for the clarification @danny . Glad to get a more precise description for what the “visible” indicator that we “can’t miss” actually looks like.

Will await the support team’s instructions on how to find and send the logs needed to assist with resolving my backup issue.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from what is ailing you.

is it possible you are losing connection to the core while it backing up? during backup, the core doesn’t drop any connections but it does lock out new ones.

if your connection is broken for any reason, you will not be able to reconnect until its done.

As the first screenshot shows in my second post, the Forced Backup begins the “snapshotting database” process, and within a few minutes I receive the second “Lost connection!” screenshot. That is followed by a pulsating Roon logo indicating that it is looking for my Nucleus Plus core. Within minutes thereafter, it brings me back to my home screen.

Viewing my backups indicates that the last good backup was 12/18/21 which was scheduled for 2 a.m. that day, prior to the latest OS and player app updates which took place later that day. However, I performed a database restore before retiring last night. And I awoke to a “Lost connection” screen again. So I had to choose “Select a different Core”: button to get out of that screen. But I know the backup must have been successful since the home screen showed albums recently added, after the last good backup @ 2 a.m. on 12/18/21, in a different order from how they were added before the restore process.

Not sure if this adds any insight into the matter, or further complicates things even more. Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated since I apparently no longer have access to a good backup since the last restore process was performed.

It should be noted that my RoonBackup folder is located on a NAS drive not directly connected to the Nucleus. It was also rather odd that I lost all of the player app option settings after this latest update (i.e., dark mode; album icons allowed; etc.). I had to recall and reset all of the options I lost after the update back to the way I had them in v. 831. Wonder if I also lost the backup schedule as well and simply need to edit or start a new backup schedule pointing to the NAS drive again in order to get things working again?

Since Danny confirmed that my issue was not related to a corrupt database, I started working in earnest to fix what appeared to be a communication issue between the Nucleus Plus and my NAS drive.

My first concern was to see if the restoration performed overnight fixed it. But no such luck. Then I attempted to edit the scheduled backup settings, thinking the update may have changed things. And again, no such luck.

So my attention turned to a possible network issue. Started by rebooting my NAS drive to see if it may have acquired a different IP address. Nope, the IP address remained the same. But, out of curiosity, I attempted another forced backup and. lo and behold, it succeeded.

Cannot explain what caused this issue. Will consider my issue resolved if the 2 a.m. scheduled backup succeeds overnight. Stay tuned.

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Well, unfortunately, the scheduled backup failed overnight and a forced backup this a.m. did as well. So I took @Jim_F 's usual advice, when all else fails, and rebooted all hardware related to Roon. And a forced backup this evening succeeded. So I will have to wait again to see if the scheduled backup succeeds too.

If the scheduled backup fails again, I will need support to decipher my Roon logs to see if they can detect what the issue is. Will keep you apprised.

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And don’t forget your router and your neighbor’s router. Kiss his dog and pet his wife while you’re there.

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LOL, Don’t know ‘bout my neighbors’ equipment, but yes, I definitely rebooted mine.

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Hi @jb76 ,

Can you please note the local time + date you notice this issue occur and upload a set of logs to the following link? You can access logs by using these instructions.

Please let us know once logs are uploaded and we can take a look, thanks!

Will do @noris .

Hey @jb76 ,

Please upload Nucleus logs in this case, not the Fire tablet. I have included a link on how to access logs in my previous message, but here is a direct link, thank you!

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Good morning @noris , Just uploaded my log files.

The 2 a.m. CST scheduled backup did not succeed since the last successful backup displayed was the forced backup performed at 18:01:49 last night. A forced backup was attempted at 6:26 a.m. CST today. Received a “Lost connection!” window at 6:30 a.m. CST during the forced backup.

Appreciate any advice you can provide to assist me with this issue. Thanks.

Just today, I was guiding a friend backing up his Roon. He’s having similar problem. He was trying to do a Manual Backup to a USB Flash Disc and lost the connection at the point as described by you. He uses Nucleus Plus on build 884. Would like to know the solution to this problem.

Likewise, I have been unable to secure a successful backup, scheduled or forced, since the 21st when I rebooted all of my Roon related equipment. Seems like the only successful backups since v.884 are forced backups immediately following equipment reboots. Once I put my Fire tablet to sleep for the night, after each successful forced backup, the scheduled backups later that night failed.

Do not understand why equipment has to be rebooted each time in order to obtain a successful backup. This was not the case prior to the latest update.

Understand that the support team is probably off for the remainder of the week due to the holidays, but hopefully they can provide some insight and a fix based on the log files I provided earlier. Thanks.

To add to jb76’s last message, I rebooted my friend’s Nucleus Plus and retried backing up but still lost the connection during the initial preparation stage.

Hi @jb76 ,

Thanks for sending over that log set! I spoke to the team regarding your logs and we believe we’ve located the issue, your Nucleus appears to be running out of memory when attempting the backup.

We’ve filed a ticket with the team to look into this further, but as per policy, I can’t comment on when the ticket will reach the top of the team’s queue.

Thank you in advance for your patience here!

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