Nucleus - Database Backup

Currently I am backing up my database to Dropbox. This is not ideal for me and I was hoping that I could backup up to one or all of the following: USB thumb drive connected to the Nucleus, a network share on my laptop, Nucleus internal SSD.

Is it possible to set up a folder on the internal SSD drive to back up to? If so how?

I have tried to set a path to my laptop share using both windows (\\RoonBackups) and smb (smb:// formats but Roon reports path errors both times.

I haven’t tried the thumb drive yet as I am not sure how to format it or even if it’s possible.

Any advice will be appreciated.

There is no way to setup the backup on the Internal OS drive. An internal storage drive is still not advised, since Roon watches all of it for new music and putting the thousands of files that make up a Roon backup in a watched folder is a recipe for problems.

The best option is to put an external drive on the Nucleus. You would format the drive to exFAT on a PC first. You can use a USB thumb drive, but, I like a USB hard drive (no worries about space). Additionally, you could backup over the network to a share on a PC.

Thank you Rugby. I used a 32Gb thumb drive. All sorted thanks. Still can’t get the share option on the laptop to work but not too bothered about that now. Thanks again.

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