Nucleus+ dead after update

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After trying to update the OS (via web surface) the Nucleus+ shows no reaction. It’s not reachable in any way.
What can I do to bring it back to life? (Backups are available)

At boot time, do you get a display if you hook up a monitor?

“No signal”.
Means no output from Nucleus.

(I never tried this before, so I can’t say if there would have been an HDMI output prior to the actual problem.)

Sounds like your motherboard is dead, but let’s see what @support has to say.

@support I‘d appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi @Matthias_Goetze,

Thank you for bringing this report to our attention. I assume you’re unable to reach the Web Administration page for this device? Our attempts to reach account diagnostics remotely have failed which, unfortunately, corroborates the suspicion of our helpful expert users above that your motherboard may be out of action.

We’ll follow up via PM momentarily to gather additional details and continue troubleshooting.

Hi Connor,
thanks for your reply.

Yes, I‘m not able to open the Web Administration Interface.