Nucleus direct to Schiit Bifrost via USB - no output

Roon recognizes the Bifrost (so I know it is connected), but there is still no output from the Bifrost to my amp no matter what I try. Roon shows “Nucleus HDMI output” with nothing connected to the HDMI jack, instead of “Nucleus USB output”, which obviously is connected… is that normal?

Hi Robert,

Could you post a screenshot of your Settings > Audio tab?

Cheers, Greg

Sure, here it is:

Am I doing something dumb?

PS.: the Nucleus HDMI Output allows me to hit “Play” and then it appears music is indeed playing. The Shiit, although enabled, will not allow me to hit Play.

Let’s clean this up a bit, just so we’re playing to the zone that we’re intending.

Click on the gears next to System Output, Built-In Output and HDMI and select Disable.

Give USB a name, such as Schiit. Make sure Schiit is selected as the Zone and play some music. Does the timer progress?

Could you post a screenshot of Device Setting for the USB?

Cheers, Greg

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Thank you Greg, it appears to be working now. I think there was some operator error at play here. :grinning:

Thanks for your help!


One last thing - you’ve been very helpful, so I was hoping to get your quick opinion on something. Do you think my SQ will be better through the Nucleus USB output direct to the Schiit (soon to be a PS Audio Directstream Junior), or the Nucleus through my network (all wired, no Wi-Fi) using a Bluesound Node 2 via digital coax to the Schiit? The Bluesound doesn’t have a USB out.

Hi Robert,

Glad you got it sorted.

Regarding sound quality, I tend to avoid those discussions. :wink:

However, when the Directstream arrives, I would use it via the network, since it’s a Roon Ready Device.

I’m sure there are others around who may be familiar with the Schiit Bitstream and Bluesound devices that can offer an opinion.

Cheers, Greg

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Fair enough, thanks Greg!

Picked up the Directstream just now, actually - looking forward to setting it up.


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