Nucleus + does not detect audio devices after restarting

I am using Matrix X Saber PRO (MQA) as DAC. When trying to connect via HDMI, Nucleus never connected to a DAC (I don’t know why?) So from the beginning the Matrix X Saber PRO (MQA) was connected to the Nucleus + via a USB cable. Additionally, Nucleus is connected via a second available USB to an external drive with music files. For some time Nucleus has not seen Matrix X Saber PRO (MQA) after each restart. After connecting the DAC to another USB port, the Nucleus Matrix was detected, but after restarting the Nucleus it was not detected. After changing the Nucelus port in the Tp Router - the Matrix link was detected again, but after restart Nucleus not detected anymore. Changing ports does not always work to detect DAC. Anyone had a similar case? Can you help?

Yes, this happened to me yesterday, I opened a ticket but have not had a response yet. I have reinstalled, but thus far it is not working.