Nucleus+ does not find Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra

Nucleus + - updated and rebooted
Wired Network.
BT Hub connects to internet
Netgear gigabyte switches between nucleus and Pro-Ject
ProJect connected to Cambridge DAC

Project Stream Box Ultra connected to Cambridge DAC.

Description Of Issue

Pro-Ject Stream box visible on my network to my PC and clearly connected to the internet and the Nucleus.
Not identified as an audio device in Roon
Pro-Ject has been updated

Images show a schematic of my network and a screen shot of my network deviceson my PC

Is everything switched on and a DAC plugged in to the StreamBox. Which DAC is it?
Is Roon active within the StreamBox software or admin page?

Hi Henry. All of these things were turned on. After posting I spent rather more time than I had before browsing the threads around this piece of equipment. I found out that there’s a Roon enable tab buried in the setup on the Pro-Ject app. This must have been enabled when I first set it up and it worked but then turned itself off after a software upgrade perhaps. I’ve just found it now. Roon enabled all works fab.
Thanks for your help


Hello @Peter_Hodgkinson, glad to see things working again! Please let us know if you have further issues.

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