Nucleus does not see SU8 DAC

I purchased a SMSL SU-8 DAC primarily for use with my Nucleus. As my title says, the DAC does not show up as a zone for my Nucleus when connected. Swapped cables, no difference. I have sent a query to China regarding this problem.

In the meantime, has this problem been seen before? Or do others use this DAC with no problems?

Hi @Mike_Rife,

If you connect this device to a Mac or Windows remote via USB do you see the same issue, or does this appear in Roon?

Hey Dylan - I assume you mean if I connect this DAC by usb to my iMac, it should show up in the audio preferences, right? If not, then the DAC is not working, correct?

Is that the theory?

Can’t check that until tomorrow, but I will. Thanks!

I read some thread that made mention of hitting the C button on the remote to unlock the unit when first setting it up.

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You are correct. The instructions for setup that came with the SU8 clearly states that the “C” button configures the remote for accessing the DAC.

I had a very difficult time getting the device to “unlock” with the “C” button, but after a considerable time and multiple tries, I got it to work, apparently. During that process, the video display kept defaulting back to “unlock”. That anomaly may have been the first indication that there is a problem with my SU8.

Dylan – I connected the usb cable to the powered-on DAC, configured for “usb dac”, and to my Mac laptop.

Like my Nucleus, the laptop also did not “see” the DAC as operational. Every other DAC I have ever connected to a Mac shows up as an audio choice in “System Preferences”. I will be returning this one tomorrow. I will likely re-order this unit as soon as the return sorts out.

Thanks so much for your help on this, especially on a weekend.

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