Nucleus does not start anymore

I turned off my Nucleus Rev B to put it in another room. Now it does not start anymore. It also does not appear in my local network anymore. Normally is shows here at wired devices.

I already read some articles and already did the following:

  • detached the internal SSD drive
  • put my tv on HDMI port A but there is no signal
  • my tv says Nucleus Int is attached but also there is no signal

Another observation is that the power button light goes off once in a while for a second or less.

suggest you go back to where ever you bought it to get it checked out…if that was roon I guess just wait for support. Sounds like a hardware issue to me

Hi @Georg_Kuklick ,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about the difficulties here.

This sounds like the Nucleus is having hardware issues, can you please confirm where you purchased this unit from, was the purchase through a dealer or directly from our store?


I bought the Nucleus+ at Auditorium in Germany pretty much exactly one year plus some days ago.

should carry a 2 year warranty IIRC


Nucleus and Nucleus Plus is guaranteed against manufacturing failures (faulty components and defective materials) for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Find out more.

Hi @Georg_Kuklick ,

Thanks for that confirmation. Please reach out directly to the dealer in this case, they should be your point of contact for hardware issues, and if they have any further questions, they can reach out directly to us via our dealer channel. As @wizardofoz mentioned, your Nucleus should still be under warrenty. Thank you!

They told me that Nucleus hardware is sold out. How do I get a new one? And how fast can you deliver?

Also, they asked what your assessment about the hardware failure is.

Hi @Georg_Kuklick ,

Since this is an international sale and not a domestic USA sale, you will need to work with the dealer to have this unit serviced at our German distributor center.

We do not deliver replacement parts/units to dealers (nor users) internationally, instead, we have a general area distributor that handles repairs for that specific country.

The overview of this process is: User returns Nucleus to the dealer → dealer reaches out to the local distributor and sends them the unit → distributor performs any repairs needed → distributor sends Nucleus back to dealer → dealer returns Nucleus to the user.

In any case, getting in touch with the dealer would be the first step here, and then returning the unit to them. I will reach out shortly to Auditorium to provide them with the German distributor contact info, and shall they have any follow-up questions, we can discuss directly via our dealer channel.

If you can please provide the following information, it would help expedite this process:

  • When was the Nucleus purchased?
  • What model Nucleus is this? (Nucleus or Nucleus+)
  • What is the serial number found on the bottom panel?
  • What is the best contact email address for you?

Thank you.

I’m in Vienna Austria and we are in full lockdown again. For me, it would be nearly impossible to get some packing material to ship the broken Nucleus to the dealer in Germany. It feels like I will be without new hardware during the lockdown and the holidays.

The most bothering part is, without the “network problems” I would not have switched off the Nucleus to carry it to another room with the new network components. Now I’ve spent a crazy amount of money on new network equipment but have to use my MacBook as Roon core. And the hilarious part is, my MacBook runs with the old network equipment and wifi - and is more stable than Nucleus+ plus top-notch network gear.

The two best options for me are:
A: I get a new Nuclues+ delivered so that I can use its original packaging to send the broken one back.
B: I get my money back.

Purchase date 11.26.2020
See photo below

My email:
Auditorium email:

Hi @Georg_Kuklick ,

I have escalated your case to our RMA team, you should hear from them via email on how we can proceed.

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