Nucleus+ endpoint unable to convert DSD 5.1 to PCM 2.0

I see my Nucleus+ does not have the processing power to handle DSD 5.1 to PCM 2.0 conversion when I use Native DSD processing.

Post a screenshot of the signal path.

Disable Native DSD processing.

And yes, I know it works with Native DSD processing off; but I want this on for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

Turn on paralyze sigma delta processing user the dsp settings for dsp

It actually does not seem to do anything; the Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator. Exact same processing speed - if anything this makes it even slower (it dips more rapidly down to 0.3x while staying on 0.4x with this setting off).

@support flagging support and moving to the Nucleus support area

Please explain, as that’s not obvious to me. My understanding is that it’s beneficial only if you’re resampling from DSD to DSD, i.e. the target rate is DSD, not PCM.

@wizardofoz I think this behavior is general to Roon not specific to Nucleus.

The issue is that nucleus+ should cope with this at least as I understand it…if it doesn’t then as nucleus is roon product it’s support is support is best posted here.