Nucleus error connecting to internet

I face the same situation today. Roon is showing lack of internet connection what is simply wrong. I have apple router and core installed on nucleus. This happened for the second time during last month, strange… First time I reinstalled roon again and it was ok until today.

Hello @Jacek_Sobon, and thanks for your report! Does this happen consistently? Are you able to access the web admin interface when this occurs? I’d like to see a screenshot of what you see there when this issue occurs, thanks!

Hello, thank you for your support. I change web connection of Nucleus from wi-fi router to ethernet router and reinstalled operating system, restarted roon software and settings of database. There is everything ok now and I hope this will last for longer. All my endpoints are running well so thank you again. If something will occur in the future I will send you a message with screenshot of course,
best regards

New problem…I am unable to log into my roon account after a power outage across my home. The page shows the message: an error has appeared, check the connection and refresh. Unfortunately it doesn’t help. My nucleus is showing the correct IP but I am also unable to connect to it online. I reinstalled operating system again and restarted roon software. Without result. What can I do? brgds, Jacek

Try rebooting everything including the network equipment.

Thank you for your
advice, I’ll try tomorrow and inform, brgds Jacek

Strange: after rebooting of network equipment and Roon there is no connection to Roon and Nucleus at all. Roon is searching for equipment long time already and nothing is going forwards. I connected Roon to my main router and to other connected routers with different IP’s as well and there is no results as well. I can’t connect to Nucleus admin page now.???

well, the problem was on internet side and proper connection to the web. After rebooting of everything Nucleus is back to life again. It is a pity that I did not made a Roon backup. Everything was loaded again without a problems, but unfortunately the playlists are not … The next step is a copy of the library. brgds

Hello @Jacek_Sobon, I’m glad things are working again. Please let me know if you need any help setting up a proper backup.

Everything is running without problems and I’m happy to use Roon enable me to bring all different sources under one roof. At the moment I have a problem with merging of songs that are emigrated into many single unrecognised CDs on Roon screen even though they appear as one CD on the Nucleus internal storage disc. Is it possible to merge the scattered songs and define them as one disc and how? Is there any simple, easy way to do this? Thanks in advance for any advice, best regards

Hello @Jacek_Sobon, we have an article on merging albums here, but are all these tracks part of the same album? You might want to take a look at the tracks tags using MP3Tag or similar.

Hello Nuwriy,
yes they are parts of the same album, copied from cd previously… thank you

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