Nucleus + ethernet port not functioning

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus + (Rev A) 94C6911FF132
RoonOS 1.0 (build 259) production/, Version 2.0
(build 1303) production
Can’t provide any more details since I can’t connect to the device.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus Router RT-AC1900P
Netgear ProSafe Gigabit Switch GS108
Ethernet connection - what is YPN?

Connected Audio Devices

Naim NDX - Ethernet
Mac Studio - Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

No clue, and I can’t connect to find out.

Description of Issue

We are no longer able to connect our Roon Nucleus + to our network. We updated the operating system yesterday. Prior to that the connection was fine. The ethernet port on the Nucleus displays one orange (left) and one green (right) light when an ethernet cable is plugged into it, but only the orange light shortly thereafter. We have tried using another ethernet cable, but have gotten the same result. Note that the Roon shows up on our network map as an ethernet attached device, but shows no access time or transfer rate.

The problem thus appears to be with the port on the Nucleus and not with the cable or our network itself.

Hi @Kathleen_O_Connell,

Thank you for your post. To clarify, are you connecting the Nucleus+ to the switch, or to the Asus router upstream? If possible, try connecting directly to the router during troubleshooting.

We’ve taken a look at diagnostic reports sent to our server automatically from the Nucleus+, and there’s no direct indication of hardware failure. However, not all hardware failures will log in these diagnostics, so we need a little more information.

What do you see if you open the Web Administration page for the device? Are you able to share a screenshot here?

Logs from the Core show network requests failing for unknown reasons rather than timing out - it’s possible that the RoonOS update has caused this IP address to lose clearance with an active network firewall or third-party antivirus software.

We’ll go from there. Thanks!

Well … nothing has changed, but our Nucleus+ and our network have just decided to talk to each other. I have no idea what the problem might have been other than something related to the update.

Our Nucleus+ is connected to a switch; it’s not straightforward to connect it directly to the router, alas. Since it’s working now, I’ll leave it be.

I can connect to the Web Administration page now, but couldn’t do so when I couldn’t establish a connection with our network.

PS - thanks for the reply!

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