Nucleus external drive capacity incorrect

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Nucleus+; Ethernet setup - AQVOX-SE switch; Night Hawk AS4000 wireless router LAN wired connection to AQVOX-SE switch; MSI laptop running windows 10 connected wirelessly to AS4000

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/ect.)
PSA DSD Sr not an audio issue, works great

Description Of Issue
Set up 1TB Samsung 860 SSD internal drive. Works great for 6 months. I formatted it, moved files from an 8TB usb drive connected to MSI laptop to the internal drive, never had an issue. Yesterday I bought and hooked up a Samsung T5 2TB usb external drive after I formatted it on my MSI laptop as exFAT. Nucleus+ read it, I configured it, transferred files from MSI to external T5. Nucleus+ loaded the files, saw the tracks come up in my overview. Played them, life is good.

Here is the external drive seen.

Then I did a property view of the drive and got crazy capacity numbers on the MSI laptop. I can move files, delete, copy, the drive is seen on my network… \nucleusplus… I remove the drive and connect it to MSI and capacity is 1.8TB as it should be. I reformat the drive with exFAT and reconnect, everything is great… drive shows up on network as 3TB. WHY and will there be any issues using it with WIN 10 telling me capacity of the noe network drive is incorrect?

I can spot a difference here to the drive properties where it says that the file system is NTFS.

OK, good to know, reformatted the external drive twice as exFAT.

Maybe Windows just shows NTFS for all mounted network shares because it can’t know otherwise, but I couldn’t find a source for that.

Yes, reason I have submitted a support request. Also, if you attach the drive wiped out and wait for Nucleus+ to format, not going to happen. It will do that for the internal drive as I have shown. In addition, I have formatted the internal drive using the Nucleus+ configuration and it has been working great for 6 months. The drive shows up on the WIN 10 network and I can use my MSI WIN 10 laptop to move files, copy… however when you perform a property inquiry (either internal or external Nucleus+ drive) it gives crazy values for capacities.

Help needed - more focused:

  1. Is this normal, do others find this as bizarre as I find it?
  2. Is there any issue with the Nucleus+ external drive I should concern myself with down the road, files being overwritten, dropped…?
  3. Is this an artifact of WIN 10 accessing (network) the ROCK OS; executing a network drive property inquiry?

Just so we are clear it is not just the Nucleus+ external (USB) drive, here is the property on one folder of the (4) internal folders

@Richard_Card the capacity reported back by the Nucleus should be the sum of internal drive + external drive. I believe the way the file sharing on Nucleus / ROCK works you will not get individual drive size reports.

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Thank you so much! I was going crazy and thought it was formatting WIN 10/ROCK OS… they need to make this clear in the manual… :slight_smile:

Also, makes sense cause when I went into an internal folder and ran a properties on one of the folders inside one of the (4) folders in the internal I got the folder’s capacity… now it makes sense…

Also, why does the WIN 10 indicate NTFS when I formatted the external drive exFAT - I know this is not Roon issue, just curious…?

I think that’s because Samba, the software used to share the drives, exposes the shared folders as NTFS drives. It doesn’t mean the drives are actually using this file system.

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@ndrscr - thank you so much for spending the time and explaining this simple issue, it was really bothering me. I knew it was easy cause my Nucleus+ has been amazing for 6 months and was reporting the correct drive capacity till I put on the external T5 drive yesterday.

I love this Nucleus+, it is an amazing streamer and there is nothing that comes close for the money. Roon core is also different than ROCK OS w/ Nucleus+. I just love this streamer.

Also, I have a very reveling system and the SQ of this Nucleus+ is amazing. I set it up w/ Sbooster LPS, and AQVOX-SE switch (w/ Sbooster), and Giga FOIL (w/ Sbooster). This is my first streamer and I just don’t see going to anything for quite a few years… Roon core in a mac mini is a lot different than Nucleus+ w/ ROCK OS… very different…

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